Sue Narramore Mother of Cash Warren: Bio, Dating Life

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Sue Narramore is a retired American actress. She is mainly known for being the mother of Cash Warren, an American actor and husband of actress Jessica Alba, and the first wife of American actor Michael Warren. 

Early Life and Career

There is little to no information available about Sue Narramore online. Some portals say that she is a former actress, but no verifiable information is available about that either. She came to the media limelight when she married American actor Michael Warren in 1974. She had two children with Michael Warren, one of whom was American actor Cash Warren. Narramore is often seen together in pictures with actress and wife of Cash Warren, Jessica Alba, which is mostly where the public gets to see Narramore as well.


Since, or if she even did any of those things at all there is no information about absolutely anything in Narramore’s life except her dating life, the case is similar to her education status: we don’t know anything about where she went to high school, where she went to college, what degree she received

Net Worth

There is no official information available anywhere about Sue Narramore’s net worth.

Dating Life

sue narramore bio

All that is known about Sue Narramore’s dating life is that she was married to American actor Michael Warren. Narramore and Warren got married in 1974, and they have two children together: Kekoa Brianna “Koa” Warren and Cash Garner Warren. Cash Warren also went on to pursue a career in the acting industry and is now an established American actor. Warren and Narramore are now divorced, although it is unclear when, and Warren is now married to Jenny Palacios.

Interesting Fact

The fact that Narramore’s life is so private and so in the shadows is an interesting fact in itself – the public knows next to nothing about the wife of an actor who is considered one of the greatest of all times.

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