Top 5 movies to watch in lockdown 2021

top 5 lockdown movies
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Depending on where an individual lives, he/she might be dealing with a COVID-19 lockdown. Not being able to go out to restaurants, hit the beach, or even go to a concert can be mentally disturbing. There is a comforting prospect though : you have tons of time to watch some lockdown movies! Therefore, we have put together a list of the best movies to watch during the lockdown. 

 Hot Fuzz

hot fuzz movie

 The 2007 comedy film Hot Fuzz is the second feature in the loosely connected Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. One of the best movies to watch online right now on any platform, it centers on an ambitious and fussy city police officer (Simon Pegg). 

He gets reassigned by jealous colleagues to a small English village. There, he and his bumbling partner(Nick Frost) begin investigating a series of strange deaths.

The movie acts as a parody of action film tropes with multiple references to the biggest action flicks of all time, especially Point Break and Bad Boys. 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Monty Python’s Life of Brian

 Since Monty Python’s life of Brian is heralded as such a classic now, it’s easy to forget that the film was incredibly controversial when it came out. In fact, multiple countries outright banned the film for decades. It may have lost it’s dangerous bite over the years since, but it certainly hasn’t become any funny, and it is easily one of the best movies to watch at the moment.

If you haven’t seen this film somehow, it centers on the titular character Brian who is a Jewish man born on the same day andin the same general vicinity as Jesus Christ. What follows is the usual absurdity you would expect from the Monty Python troupe as Brian makes his way through history.

The Matrix

the matrix

Even if you somehow aren’t a fan of The Matrix, there’s no denying its massive influence on not only film but the cultural zeitgeist. Bullet-time,”hacking The Matrix,” cool-ass sunglasses, and even “Whoa” are all forever tied to this movie. Of you haven’t ever seen this, one of the best movies to watch, you are truly missing out. It’s as action-packed as it gets while still taking time to build characters you truly care about- as well as some villains you’ll never forget. Also don’t forget the soundtrack, which is pure 90s hard rock electronica biss.

Star Wars: Episode VII- The Last Jedi

Star Wars: Episode VII- The Last Jedi

Jimmy is easily the biggest Star Wars geek on staff here, so it’s unsurprising he picked Star Wars: Episode VII – The Last Jedi as his favourite lockdown movie. The second film in the sequel trilogy, it finds our hero Rey training with the legendary Luke Skywalker. Meanwhile, antagonist Kylo Ren starts to have doubts about his role as a Sith leader.

If you’re not already a Star Wars fan or feel like you don’t know enough about the series to understand the eighth film in the saga, don’t worry: as long as you understand the basic gist of the fantasy universe, you’ll be able to follow along just fine. Remember that Disney owns Star Wars, so this is actually one of the best Disney to watch, as well as one of the best lockdown films.

The Abyss

the abyss

Before director James Cameron took us out to sea with Titanic, he made a much different film about the ocean. The Abyss is probably his least-successful film ever and is often overshadowed by the unbridled successes of Terminator2: Judgement Day, Aliens, and of course Avatar. However, it deserves much more attention!

After a US submarine carrying nuclear weaponry goes down in the deep, a ragtag group of oil drillers is called upon by their country to assist the military operation to recover the weapons and help any possible survivors. While the mission progresses, the team realizes it isn’t the only group down there. What follows is not only a terrific action/sci-fi film but also a brilliant treatise on humanity and our connection to our planet. It’s truly one of the best movies to watch anywhere! 

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